Summer PE for Incoming Freshman

2021 Summer School PE will be IN-PERSON!

Dear Parents of Incoming Freshmen (Class of 2025);

My name is John Snyder, I am Head of the Physical Education and Health Department at Chesterton High School, and I would like for you to consider some of the advantages of Summer School P.E. If I were an incoming freshman, or the Parent of an incoming freshman, I would be interested to know:

  • Your child can complete one semester of PE in only 15 classes throughout a three and a half week period (no Fridays…except for Session II…there will be a class on July 9th ). Finished by 1 pm Monday thru Thursday. (It is possible to take a full year in the same summer)
  • Getting a semester of PE out of the way opens up avenues with regard to elective selections during the school year. (Might be significant for IB, or advanced students seeking early College or University credit).
  • Getting the swim credit out of the way is huge!!!...especially for the girls! Swimming each day only amounts to 15 days (whereas, it would be 23 days during the school year…30 days for both sessions vs. 46 total days during the school year).
  • No required Physical Education Uniforms in the summer.
  • Students wear their own swimsuits!!
  • Students can complete their full one-year P.E. Credit during the summer (2 – Sessions)….then, pick the Advanced Weight Lifting courses immediately as a Freshman….OR, electives in other content areas!
    • Both of my Sons, and Daughters, did this because they were so involved in Athletics. This actually freed up a block of time for my daughter to schedule an additional study hall. ( ***an additional study hall may, or may not, be possible now***)

Most students take Summer School P.E. with their friends!!! During the school year, they don’t get to choose who is in their class!

The main reason we try to get as many kids to take summer school P.E. is that it reduces class sizes both during the school year and during summer school! This makes the management of classes more conducive to learning and physical growth!


John Snyder

Head of P.E. / Health Dept