Ruge-Harris Display Cases to be Dedicated at CHS on Thursday, Oct. 1

Posted by Sue Heater on 9/29/2015

CHS Memorabilia    CHS Memorabilia

In honor of the 125th Anniversary of Chesterton High School, the families of Mox Ruge and Mike Harris have made donations to enable the building of three display cases inside Entrance# 31 at Chesterton High School, 2125 S.11th Street in Chesterton.

Mox Ruge was the school attorney from 1935-67, while Mike Harris served as school attorney from 1964-2015, a timespan of eighty years.  In tribute to their dedication to the School Corporation, its Boards, Administration and patrons, these display cases will help provide a historical timeline for the 125 year existence of Chesterton High School.  The high school is partnering with the Westchester Township History Museum to provide displays that will highlight various time periods in the history of CHS. 

The dedication ceremony will take place Thursday night at 6:30p.m. inside entrance 31, one half hour before the start of the Steinway Dedication Concert.