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CHS Alumni Association Announces 2020 Hall Of Fame Recipients

CHS Alumni Association Hall of Fame 2020 recipients named

The Chesterton High School (CHS) Alumni Association initiated the first ever CHS Alumni Association Hall of Fame (HOF) nomination process in January of 2020. Nominations from the community were collected and recipients were determined by a committee and were scheduled to be announced and honored at the Association’s first annual banquet in May.  Due to the pandemic, this event was canceled. 

As a result, the Association has chosen to announce the recipients of the first annual Hall of Fame. 

"All of the nominees for the Class of 2020 CHS Alumni Association made wonderful contributions to the school corporation and community at large," said James D. Hall, president of the Association. The organization proudly announces the CHS Alumni Association 2020 Hall of Fame recipients. 


Jim Cavallo

James Cavallo - Teacher

Jim Cavallo had a legendary career as a teacher but was a phenomenal influence in helping students develop leadership qualities and cooperation in the honored CHS Speech and Debate program.  Jim's nominator shared, "They (his students) enter society as adults with sound work and social skills as well as empathy, political and societal awareness and concern, and a willingness to use time and talent to serve."

Becky Dunbar  

Becky Dunbar - School Staff Member

Becky Dunbar, has served as a community leader at many local organizations including the Chesterton Woman's Club, Tri Kappa and the Duneland Resale shop.  According to her nominator, "Her most notable accomplishment was seeing a need to help students navigate college or trade school applications, financial aid information, and transitioning from high school to adult life.”  Due to Becky’s efforts in this area, the CHS College and Career Center was created and has helped students for 30+ years.  

Garry Nallenweg  

Garry Nallenweg - Administrator

Garry Nallenweg has served the youth of the Duneland community as a volunteer, coach, and as the Athletic Director for the DSC.  His nominator noted, “He has also served the larger community on committees and leadership boards. Garry is a servant of school and community and always exceeds expectations." 


The scheduled banquet has been cancelled due to the pandemic.  The organization is currently planning to honor the Class of 2020 at a future event.  


Congratulations to the 2020 Hall of Fame recipients. The Duneland School Corporation and community are the beneficiaries of your efforts and dedication.       

Posted 12/21/20