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WIS Robotics Teams Advance to World Competition - 3/21

This past weekend, March 6, all ten Westchester Intermediate School Robotics teams (pictured below) participated in the Indiana State VEX IQ Robotics Remote Skills Championship. WIS teams used Gym B for the virtual competition. All ten teams will advance to the World competition.

Members of the WIS Robotics teams

Team A (Ava Bozak, Michael Izguerra, Nicholas Jakel, Christian Keene, and Lela Ragnone) and Team E (Danny Cain, Emmett Burkus, Michael Ward, and Matthew Balhoff) each won the Amaze Award, which is presented to a team that has built the most consistently high-scoring and competitive robot.

Team F (Isaiah Prater, Drew Reagor, Maddie Ronstadt, Elizabeth Uehling, and Aly Malinovsky) won the Jack Klein Memorial Award. Jack Klein was an Indianapolis Public Schools student and robotics enthusiast diagnosed with Lymphoma as a third grader. He cheerfully endured cancer treatment before his death from the disease in 2016. He's remembered for his sense of humor, commitment to fun, a knack for making friends, and love of robotics.

Team D (JP White, Adam Tenbarge, Finley McCready, and Eva Capodice) and Team B (Brady McWhirter, Macie Kania, Elizabeth Dodds, and Alina Micchia) each won the Design Award, which is presented to a team that demonstrates an organized and professional approach to the design process, project and time management, and team organization.

Team C (Vance Gaston, Andrew Klootwyk, and Colton Beckwith), Team G (Lily Linsemeyer, Allison Klootwyk, Riley Rodriguez, and Rosemary Hundt) and Team J (Liam Crum, Nolan Marin, and Zach Erwin) have also qualified for the World Championship based on their final State Skills Score.

Based upon winning these awards, all eight teams outlined above qualified for the Remote VEX Robotics World Championship.

The Remote VEX Robotics World Championship will be held at WIS part of each day, Monday - Wednesday, May 24 - 26, but still, be a part of a worldwide event.

Westchester Robotics is coached by Miss Kaitlyn Toweson, Mr. Brad Sweet, and Mrs. Kari Balon.