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Westchester Intermediate Robotics Teams Qualify for State - 2/21

Congratulations WIS Robotics!

After weeks of attending local and remote tournaments, all ten WIS Robotics teams have qualified to participate in the Indiana State VEX IQ Robotics Remote Skills Championship being held on Saturday, March 6.

The 38 fifth and sixth graders representing Westchester have worked for over six months on robotics skills that required students to build, code, test, and re-test their creations. This year's championship will be a skills-only, remote event. Westchester teams will use Gym B as their venue for set-up, preparation, and competition.

Westchester Robotics is coached by Miss Kaitlyn Toweson, Mr. Brad Sweet, and Mrs. Kari Balon.


Westchester Robotics Teams B & C

(above) Westchester Robotics Club teams and team B & C: Front row, left to right, Liam Crum, Nolan Marin, Zach Erwin, Isaiah Prater, Macie Kania, and Kaylee Smith. Back row, Colton Beckwith, Vance Gaston, Alexander Vazquez, Andrew Klootwyk, Ava Garland, Andrew Reagor, Alyssa Malinovsky, Elizabeth Uehling, Brady McWhirter and Alina Micchia.


Westchester Robotics Team A B & G

(above) Westchester Robotics teams A B & G: Front row, left to right, Christian Keene, Michael Izguerra, Lily Linsemeyer, Rosemary Hundt and Riley Rodriguez. Back row, Ava Bozak, Alina Micchia, Elizabeth Dodds, Allison Klootwyk, Nicholas Jakel, Brady McWhirter, and Lela Ragnone.


Westchester Robotics Team D

(above) Westchester Robotics team D: Left to right, Adam Tenbarge, Chloe Thurman, Finley McCready, John White and Eva Capodice.