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Circle the State with Song - 2/20

Westchester Circle the State with Song participants

Recently, Westchester Intermediate participated in the 31st annual Circle the State with Song (CSWS), a statewide choral festival for elementary and junior high/middle school choirs. Nearly 5,000 youth from hundreds of different schools participate in Circle the State each spring at one of 12 sites throughout Indiana. Students from schools around the state audition for their teachers and spend several months learning the repertoire both on their own and in rehearsals with their teacher. Students then come together to work with a clinician for a full day followed by an afternoon performance for thousands of people. Pictured are Westchester Intermediate School student participants, front, left to right, Ayden Bozak, Devin Throw, Enrico V. Orega-Chick and Avey Ricks.  Row 2, Bailey Pikula, McKenna Hogan and Taryn Wellensiek. Row 3, Sam Smith, Sophia Higgins, Autumn Hipp and Lauren Kroft. Row 4, Keith Ward, Emma Kidd and Hannah Loving. Row 5, Bella Nowka, Avah Geressey and Caprie Wilson. Row 6, Gabby Hull, Gracie Moore, teacher Dawn Flasch and Bailee Parrott.