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CHS 5% Club Banquet Honors Seniors and Selected Educator - 5/22

Chesterton High School hosted the 33rd annual 5% Club Banquet for those 25 students in the top 5% of the senior Class of 2022 at the Spa Special Event Center on Wednesday, May 4. The Duneland Education Foundation, and the Duneland School Corporation sponsored the event. 

Each student in the top 5% have selected an educator who has influenced or inspired them in their educational career to attend the banquet with them. Students will receive a medallion that they will wear at graduation ceremonies as well as an engraved wooden frame to store their medallion after graduation.

Those students in the 5% Club and their selected guest are: student/educator Alana Gabriella Jardenil - Patrick Ward; Joseph Marshall Hall - Robert DeRuntz; Emma Renee Bolinger - Cassie Wallace; Emily Lucille Richardson - Rachel Blythe; Eric Montgomery Sparks - Chris Hackett; Milena Ritchie Veltri - Chris Lowery; Brianna Rae Connors - Jack Neuliep; Madelin Rue Billings - Kristin Morris; Ellery Grace Brunt - Kim Goodman; Jacob Kelby Perkins - Robyn McBride; Mackenzie Taylor Sharp - Bernie Stento; Celia Christine Faroh - Christine Bullock; Molly Joanna Hadenfelt - Amy Henderlong; Jessica Taylor Bouche - Nicole Adams; Peyton Michael Day - Kim Connelly; Leah Mae Rochford - Tom Bour; Nathan John Osborn - Joshua Coots; Caitlin Claire Kovalan - Gina Jones; Peter Jeffery McNicholas - Kim Stahura; David Patrick Jugovic - Michael Livovich; Liam Hagan Grimes - Herr Knauff; Danielle Patricia Kontos - Katie Mueller; Mackenna Elisabeth Lee - Lisa Dyer; Simran Rakesh Shah - Courtney Smith; and Chloe Michelle Eash - Adam Bess.

Photo 1 of CHS 5% Club

Honored recipients, front, left to right, Alana Jardenil, Joseph Hall, Emma Bolinger, Emily Richardson, Eric Sparks, Madelin Billings, Ellery Brunt and Mackenna Lee. Back row, honored educator Patrick Ward, Robert DeRuntz, Cassie Wallace, Rachel Blythe, Chris Hackett, Kristin Morris, Kim Goodman and Lisa Dyer.

Photo 2 of CHS 5% Club

Honored recipients, front, left to right, Milena Veltri, Leah Rochford, Peter McNicholas, Chloe Eash, Danielle Kontos, David Jugovic, Liam Grimes, Bianna Connors, Simran Shah. Back row, honored educator Chris Lowery, Tom Bour, Kim Stahura, Adam Bess, Katie Mueller, Mike Livovich, Cary Knauff, Jack Neuliep and Courtney Smith.

Photo 3 of CHS 5% Club

Honored recipients, front, left to right, Jacob Perkins, Mackenzie Sharp, Celia Faroh, Molly Hadenfelt, Jessica Bouche, Peyton Day, Nathan Osborn and Caitlin Kovalan. Back row, honored educator Robyn McBride, Bernie Stento, Christine Bullock, Amy Henderlong, Kim Connelly, Josh Coots and Gina Jones.