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CHS 5% Club Banquet Honors Seniors and Selected Educator

Chesterton High School hosted the 32nd annual 5% Club Banquet for those 25 students in the top 5% of the senior Class of 2021 at the Chesterton High School Cafeteria on Wednesday, May 5. The Duneland Education Foundation, Teachers Credit Union, and the Duneland School Corporation sponsored the event. 

Each student in the top 5% have selected a educator who has influenced or inspired them in their educational career to attend the banquet with them. Students will receive a medallion that they will wear at graduation ceremonies as well as an engraved wooden frame to store their medallion after graduation.

Those students in the 5% Club and their selected guest are: student/educator Olivia Kroeger - Mr. Chris Hackett; Frances Clancy - Mr. Jack Neuliep; Connor Casbon - Mrs. Kim Stahura; Zoe Swanson - Mr. Bryan Nallenweg; Hunter Stewart - Mrs. Akiko Tsugawa; Carter Casbon - Mr. Mike Diaz; Andrew Engel - Mrs. Anna Zervos; Marina Weinberg - Mr. Patrick Ward; Peyton Martinson - Mr. Tom Moodie; Gavin Layman - Mr. Chris Joll; Nalani Malackowski - Mr. Luke Starkey; Katie Hansen - Mrs. Julie Christian; Lauren Bromley - Mr. Bob DeRuntz; Ian Rutherford - Mr. Tom Moeller; Ryan Donovan - Mr. Chris Lowery; David Manojlovic - Herr Cary Knauff; Alicia Drewes - Mr. John Snyder; Adam Stobbe - Mr. Brian Hennigar; Hattie Hoham - Mr. Tom Schnabel; Kaitlyn Van Kley - Mr. Tommy Berry; Conner Mathis - Mrs. Michelle Lancaster; Barrett Church - Mrs. Hilda DeMuthe-Lutze; Kathryn Nevers - Mrs. Marne Flinn-Smith; Mattea Sklut - Mr. Dakota McCoy; and Abbey Wilcox - Mrs. Lindsay Moskalick.

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