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Give a Gift Membership to your CHS 2019 Graduate

Want to give a great graduation gift to the 2019 CHS Grad? Consider purchasing a LIFETIME membership for your son/daughter, grandchild, or friend.

Invitation to Current Graduating Seniors
We would like to welcome our current graduating seniors into the newly formed Chesterton High School Alumni Association. This year’s 2019 graduates are being offered a special Lifetime membership for $50 through Sept. 4, 2019. These dues will help support the enhancement of the Duneland School Corporations' educational processes and scholarships for graduating seniors at Chesterton High School.

Help us to continue to grow and present more and more of our graduates college assistance. We will also enshrine teachers, administration, support staff and graduates (alumni) into their respective ''Halls of Fame” at our annual banquet to be held in May of each year.

Normally, a Lifetime membership is a one-time fee of $150.00 minus your age. (Example: $150.00 less your age of 60 years would equal dues of $90.00). Take advantage of this great deal today!

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