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Ready, Set, Kindergarten Flyer info

Ready, Set, Kindergarten (RSK)

  • RSK is designed to teach children the skills needed to do well in the classroom. Experienced PAT Educators work with the children in areas of academics, motor skills, social skills and listening skills to ensure they are ready to enter school and to succeed.

  • The children meet with the Educators one time per week for two hours in a classroom at their future home school. Activities each week include writing, cutting, listening, turn taking, and early reading. It starts with basic skills and progresses through the year to meet all kindergarten entry standards. The children are also screened with reading and developmental tools to determine if there are areas that are of any concern.

  • Parents will also have the opportunity to be in the classroom at times to help out and to observe your child.

  • This is a GREAT opportunity for your child and your entire family. Supplies and weekly take home practice will also be provided. THE PROGRAM is FREE due to the commitment from the Duneland School Corporation and United Way Porter County.

Questions? Text or call 219-617-8861