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Duneland School Corporation to Develop STRATEGIC PLAN

Duneland School Corporation Strategic Plan Update

The Duneland School Corporation is currently engaged in the development of a 3-5 year Strategic Plan.  Over the past few weeks, 40 team members have been working hard to identify our Core Values and construct Vision and Mission statements.  The team is also in the process of comparing student performance data, and analyzing personnel and resource allocation with comparable school districts.  In addition, the team is reviewing feedback gleaned from 526 stakeholder interviews conducted by an AdvancED District Accreditation On-Site Review Team, Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), and Howe & Associates Consulting.  Additional information will be gathered through surveys administered to all constituent groups in March with goals to be determined based on the collected information.  The implementation of the DSC Strategic Plan is a shared commitment for all that work for the Duneland Schools and live in the Duneland community.  


Draft of Tasks


1.  Orientation, Norming, Core Values, Mission

January 27, 2020

2.  Vision, Data Sharing, SWOT

February 10, 2020

3.  Identification of strategic issues and goal areas

February 24, 2020

4.  Strategic goals, development of action planning teams

March 9, 2020

5.  Action Planning Teams work on goal area specifics

March 16, 2020

6.  Action Planning Teams work on goal area specifics

March 30, 2020

7.  Review and revise goal action plans

April 13, 2020

8.  Review and revise goal action plans, develop Leadership Summit

April 20, 2020

9.  Leadership Summit / Stakeholder input

April 27, 2020

10. Review of Leadership Summit and revision of action plans

May 11, 2020

11. Review of strategic plan and presentation slides

May 18, 2020

12. Presentation to School Board for adoption of strategic plan

June 1, 2020 


Those members are:

1. Chip Pettit            

2. Robert McDermott

3. Lynn Kwilasz      

4. Christy Jarka       

5. Kevin Wilson      

6. Regan Keating

7. Vince Arizzi         

8. Kevin Zeck          

9. Brent Martinson

10. Mike Hamacher

11. Mike Okeley        

12. Shawn Longacre

13. Amanda Hicks    

14. Nicole Kelly         

15. Mandi Dunlap     

16. Mary Jane Eisenhauer

17. Elizabeth Adcock

18. Rob Dorsey         

19. Krissy Jackson

20. Rich Gardner      

21. Elissa Dortmund

22. Emily Wilt              

23. Ron Stone           

24. Alayna Lightfoot Pol

25. Amy Snyder        

26. Karen Moffett     

27. Charlie Eaton     

28. Nalani Malackowski

29. Bobbi Hall             

30. Pat Miller               

31. Brooke Sutter    

32. Betsy Kazmierczak

33. Joy Ramian          

34. Adam Tenbarge

35. Traci Urban          

36. David Mueller     

37. Kristi Berry           

38. John Snyder      

39. Janna Carney-Moran

40. Lauren Seiss      

      Melissa Jaeger

      Deb Howe            

      Deb Ciochina     

      Brad Balch           


Administrator - Superintendent 

Administrator - Assistant Superintendent

Administrator - Assistant Superintendent

Administrator – Curriculum Director

Administrator - Technology Director           

Administrator - Human Resources Director

Administrator - Music Director - District

Administrator - Principal Bailly Elementary

Administrator - Principal CHS

Administrator - Principal CMS

Administrator - Assistant Principal CMS

Administrator - Principal Westchester Intermediate

Classified Staff - CMS Main Office/Parent

Classified Staff - Yost Elem Main Office

Community Member/Parent

Community Member/Early Childhood Educator

Community Member/Parent   

Community Member/Parent

Community Member/Parent       

Community Member/Parent/Referendum Chair

Media Specialist - Elementary Library

Media Specialist - Secondary Library                

School Board Member/Building Trades/Parent

School Board Member/Educator/Parent

School Counselor - Elementary

School Counselor - Secondary

Student CHS Grade 11     

Student CHS Grade 11

Teacher  - WIS - 5th / DTA

Teacher - Art - CHS

Teacher - Art - Liberty Intermediate School 

Teacher - Rrummitt Elementary-Kdg

Teacher - CMS Science

Teacher - English - CHS/Parent    

Teacher - Jackson Elementary-1st 

Teacher - Liberty Elementary School-4th          

Teacher - Liberty Intermediate School-6th   

Teacher - PE - CHS

Teacher - Technology Integration Specialist

Teacher - Technology Integration Specialist

Administration Center - Recording Secretary