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High School Program Information

Chesterton High School (Grades 9-12) Program Description

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

These classes are college level courses offered at the high school building. Most four year colleges give students credit, advanced placement or both if the end of year AP test score is acceptable. CHS offers five AP classes: English L/C AP, Calculus AB and Calculus BC, Biology 2 AP, and US History AP. Students are enrolled by teacher recommendation. More information on AP can be found at

High Ability Program (formerly known as Gifted and Talented)

These classes are for students with divergent thinking skills, those students who "think outside the box."  High Ability students question why the information they are learning is important. The level of difficulty and pace of this program is more advanced than the honors program.

Honors Program

These classes are for students who are schedule-driven and task-oriented.  Honors students do what is asked of them just as they are asked to do it. The level of difficulty and pace of the program is less advanced than the gifted and talented program.

International Baccalaureate (IB) courses

The IB program is an internationally recognized program that provides students the opportunity to earn up to thirty college credits while in high school. Credits are dependent upon the results of the student’s end of course exams and the judgment of the receiving college. All IB courses receive weighted grades. More information on IB can be found at and