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Community Information and Resources

Fun in the Community 

European Market, each Saturday, 8am-2pm, through October

Chesterton Splash Pad, each day, 9am-9pm


Did You Know?

Duneland Area Extra Curriculars for 0-5


Need help?

Looking for a specific type of resource, professional, agency, etc.?  Contact us and we will try to help! 

CONTACT US, or give us a call.  We are happy to help!

219-983-3743 ext 1036

*All information shared with the HUB team is kept confidential.   


*The Early Learning HUB has compiled a number of relevant resources related to early childhood.  Resources provided should not be considered endorsements from Duneland School Corporation or Duneland Early Learning HUB.  The goal of the HUB is to create an organized way to seek out local and relevant resources specific to family needs.  Families are encouraged to review the information offered at the HUB, to speak with others who have experienced similar needs, to reach out to the contacts with their own questions and to conduct their own searches.  It is our hope that the resource information puts you in the right direction towards getting the support and services you are seeking.