Bus Info Available on Skyward on Aug. 20

  • Bus information will be available on your student's Skyward account beginning Thursday, August 20.  Please check again on Monday, August 24 to confirm that there have not  been any changes.  In skyward, go to Portfolio and the Transportation drop-down.  

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One Bus, One Stop for 2020-2021 School Year

  • In order to enable social distancing for the safety of our students during COVID-19 and to meet the requirements of the State of Indiana Guidance for School Reentry and DSC Reentry Plan students will be limited to one pick-up location in the morning and one drop-off location in the afternoon. By default, transportation will use your student's primary residence to determine their one bus stop in the morning and afternoon.  If you would like to change your student's morning or afternoon bus stop location please email RouteCoordinator@duneland.k12.in.us 

DSC Reentry Plan (Transportation)

  • For approximately two thirds of DSC students, the school bus is a student’s first contact with the school in the morning and the last point of contact in the afternoon. Thus, DSC understands the importance of establishing protocols regarding student transportation to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and protect both students and staff.

    The DSC respectfully asks that if you are able to transport your student(s), please use that option when possible, so that we do not have overcrowding on buses, as it is extremely difficult to socially distance on buses. Pick-up and drop-off plans for each school will be shared prior to the start of the school year.

    During the registration process, parents will be asked to choose the mode of transportation each student will be using this school year (walk, car ride, or ride the bus). Changes may be made at any time by notifying Transportation (RouteCoordinator@duneland.k12.in.us). Parents should give as much advance notice as possible to allow the DSC to accommodate requests in a timely fashion.

    Social Distancing

    Transportation will attempt to socially distance students when possible. However, it is important to note the six feet of social distancing will be difficult depending on the number of students who ride a bus. Students will be required to wear face coverings while riding the bus and while embarking and disembarking the bus (levels 2-3).

    Students will be required to maintain social distancing at the bus stop (level 2). And to wear face coverings and social distance while at the bus stop (level 3). Parent supervision at the bus stop is encouraged.

    Per Indiana’s IN-CLASS Reentry Plan:

    • Students will be limited to one route.
      • Students will be limited to one pick-up location in the morning and one drop-off location in the afternoon
      • Students will not be permitted to ride the bus home with other students.
    • Students will be assigned to a specific seat on the bus.

    Duneland will encourage custodial-arranged, reimbursable transportation for McKinney-Vento, foster and medically fragile students.

    In addition, students will not be permitted to eat on the bus unless medically necessary. 33 DSC Reentry Plan - Final (Fall 2020)

    Students may not pass personal items between one another on the bus. Personal items, including cell phones, should remain in backpacks while on the bus. Failure to comply with COVID-19 preventative requirements may result in the loss of a student’s school bus privileges.

    Bus Cleaning & Sanitization

    All buses will be thoroughly sanitized at the end of every day using a CDC approved virucidal agent. In addition, all high touch areas will be sanitized between every route. If a DSC vehicle transports a passenger or has a driver who tests positive for COVID-19 or exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, the transportation department will wait 24 hours before cleaning and disinfecting the bus/vehicle. If 24 hours is not feasible, DSC personnel will wait as long as possible.

    Employee Training

    Transportation employee training will include:

    • COVID-19 training including: identifying symptoms, self-screening, prevention and risk of exposure
    • Universal precautions when handling body fluids
    • Reporting procedures for suspected or confirmed COVID-19
    • Proper use of face coverings and other PPE
    • Bus cleaning and sanitizing protocol including; schedules, appropriate products, tools, methods and safety precautions
    • Loading and unloading procedures
    • Seating chart requirements CHS Athletics (Three-Phase Return)

Bus Conduct and Rules

MyStop Information

  •  School bus clip art

    The Duneland School Corporation Department of Transportation has now made My Stop available to our families. 

    My Stop
     is a web-based application which will allow parents to access live bus GPS information using a smartphone, tablet, or computer and securely view the current location of your child’s bus on routes. The system also provides the bus’s estimated time of arrival at your child’s bus stop.
    Please read the attached letter to parents for more information on how to use My Stop to track your child's bus. 

Transportation Department Information

  • Support Services Center

    1012 North Old State Road 49
    Chesterton, Indiana 46304 
    (219) 983-3615
    Duneland School's Transportation Department is responsible for the day to day transportation of students within the 92-square miles of the District servicing 10 schools as well as St. Patrick's Catholic School. Nine buses are specifically designed to handle the requirements of students with special needs. With a fleet of eighty-seven buses and a large geographic area to cover, the Transportation Department utilizes a computerized bus routing system to optimize bus routes.

    In addition to day-to-day operations, the Transportation Department provides buses for field trips and co- and extra-curricular trips The department also maintains several "Special Purpose Vehicles" for transporting smaller groups to various events. Staff members are trained in the use of the "SPV's" to provide the safest possible transportation of students.

    All bus drivers are local community members and must meet strict federal and state requirements before being licensed to transport children. Buses are inspected annually by the Indiana State Police to ensure the safest fleet possible for the transportation of students.

    Cathy Forszt, Transportation Manager
    (219) 983-3615 Ext. 1207
    Fax: (219) 983-3624

    Kim Balas, Operations Coordinator
    (219) 983-3615 Ext. 1201
    Fax: (219) 983-3624
    Email: kbalas@duneland.k12.in.us

    Benjamin Armstrong, Route Coordinator
    (219) 983-3615 Ext. 1202
    Fax: (219) 983-3624