• Mission Statement:   The Duneland Volunteer Involvement Program (VIP) committee provides support for staff and students and impacts student achievement by coordinating school needs with available community talent.

    Classroom Volunteers

    • Work with individuals or small groups of students
    • Prepare and distribute classroom materials
    • Display work in classroom
    • Mount displays on bulletin boards
    • Chaperone field trips
    • Assist with after school activities

    School Office Volunteers

    • File and duplicate materials
    • Prepare and distribute district information
    • Assist with organization of fundraisers
    • Assist with arrival and dismissal of students
    • Assist with playground/cafeteria
    • Decorate for special events


    Bailly: Nicole Moloney, nicole.moloney@duneland.k12.in.us

    Brummitt: Sue Vrska, susan.vrska@duneland.k12.in.us             

    Jackson: Tami Murphy, tami.murphy@duneland.k12.in.us

    Liberty: Leslie Tarnowski, leslie.tarnowski@duneland.k12.in.us

    Yost: Denise Soliday, denise.soliday@duneland.k12.in.us

    Liberty Intermediate: Jean Wasielewski, jean.wasielewski@duneland.k12.in.us

    Westchester Intermediate: Marlene Kowalecki, marlene.kowalecki@duneland.k12.in.us

    Media Volunteers 

    • Shelve, file, and process books
    • Check out material and books to students
    • Read to students
    • Assist with book fairs and related activities
    • Share culture, travel, career, and special interest expertise and experiences
    • Provide on loan artifacts for school displays and presentation


    Bailly: Michelle Ward, michelle.ward@duneland.k12.in.us

    Brummitt: Ellisa Dortmund, elissa.dormund@duneland.k12.in.us

    Jackson: Linda Eleftheri, linda.eleftheri@duneland.k12.in.us

    Liberty: Heather Lowe, heather.lowe@duneland.k12.in.us

    Yost: Kristen Borrelli, kristen.borrelli@duneland.k12.in.us

    Liberty Intermediate: Carrie Disney, carrie.disney@duneland.k12.in.us

    Westchester Intermediate: Paul Napier, paul.napier@duneland.k12.in.us

    Community Volunteers 

    Local volunteers enrich the school learning environment by providing personal expertise as it relates to community life, classroom topics, and career exploration.


    Porter County Sherriff : Ben McFalls, bmcfalls@portercountysheriff.org

    Chesterton Police Department: Joe Christian, jchristian@chesterton.org

    Chesterton Fire Department: John Jarka, jjarka@chestertonfire.org

    Liberty Volunteer Fire Department: Brian Duncan, sbduncan3@frontier.com

    Chesterton Chamber of Commerce

    Duneland Exchange Club: Emily Hoge, ehoge@dunelandymca.org   

    Porter Regional Hospital: Bonny Hildebrand, bonny.hildebrand@porterhealth.com  

    Moraine Ridge Wildlife Rehab Center: Stephanie Kadletz, www.mrwildliferehab.org