LIS Districts Race Track LIS will have 8 Districts for the 2016-2017 school year.  Each 5th grade homeroom will team up with a 6th grade homeroom for the entire year.  Each district will compete against other districts to accumulate points by participating in several competitions.  The goal for each District is to accumulate the most points throughout the year to win the ultimate prize.  Districts 1st – 3rd will place.  Awards will be determined at a later date.

    Activities:  Each activity will have a different point distribution based on the complexity of the event.  Point totals will be assigned by place per grade level. Our staff will develop a wide variety of activities that encompass the different academic, artistic, and physical abilities of our students.

    Each grade will only compete against each other.  However, they will combine their total with the District Team for a grand total.   


  • Congratulations to the 2017 District Champs,
    Mrs. Simmons' and Mrs. Berry's class, the Serries iPhone 
    Photo of "The Serries iPhone  

District 1

  • Munchkin Apocalypse

    Mr. Jenks and Mrs. Linsemeyer

District 3

  • Serries iPhone

    Mrs. Simmons and Mrs. Berry

District 5

  • S-marotto-eous Com-barth-tion

    Mrs. Barth & Mrs. Marotto

District 7

  • NikNak Warriors 

    Mr. Lashenik and Miss Yagodnik

District 2

  • VanReeders

    Mrs. VanNostran and Mrs. Reeder

District 4

  • Goreray Chocolates

    Mrs. Gore and Mr. Ray

District 6

  • Turdus Maximus

    Mrs. Cahillane and Mr. Young

District 8

  • Snap Champions

    Mrs. Olson & Mrs.Poncsak