• How Can I Help WIS?

    The staff and faculty of Westchester Intermediate School would like to take this opportunity to offer a sincere THANK YOU to our students, their parents, extended families and community members. Without your continued support, our programs and initiatives for our students would not be possible. Again, THANK YOU!!

    With that being said, we would like to mention a few different ways for families to continue their support of WIS and our community with some simple fund raising efforts.


    Please feel free to dispose of all your recyclable paper products in the green paper retrievers on the south side of the building. We can accept newspapers, gift wrap, magazines, catalogs, and fax/office paper, but please do not put any cardboard in the dumpsters as this is not recyclable through Abitibi.


    Simply use your Red Card for purchases made at the Target in Valparaiso and WIS will receive a percentage of the purchases on a quarterly basis. If you don’t have a Red Card, sign up at the Customer Service Desk.


    Save small sections of the packaging from items you already buy and send them to school with your students to help earn rewards for Westchester.  This year we're participating in the My Coke Rewards.