I would like to thank you for visiting Westchester Intermediate School. WIS is not only a school with an excellent academic record, it is a school focused on completely developing the youth of our community. The faculty and staff of WIS is a wonderful compilation of educators who wish to see students grow and succeed in all areas of school; academic, social/emotional, character, and service.

    The intermediate school model is planned to meet early adolescents’ growth and developmental needs. The time period in an early adolescent's life is when each is developmentally moving from the stage of elementary to that of a secondary student. This essential time period (fifth and sixth grades) allows us to focus on the individual needs of students and provide them with a much needed pause before the arrival of adolescence.

    We are constantly searching for innovative opportunities to help our students be equipped for the ever-changing global life in which they will live. We are eager for you to get to know our school, and when you are in the building please stop by and introduce yourself to me.



    Shawn D. Longacre, Principal



    Westchester Intermediate School provides a safe and engaging environment where students are empowered to explore their talents, build on their curiosity, embrace high expectations, and become responsible, caring citizens.

     WIS inspires learners to become independent, critical thinkers collaborating in an environment where responsibility, adaptability, and reflection are modeled and developed.