• Fall Family Dance

    We want to welcome everyone back to school with a dance and indoor picnic. There will be a DJ, and lots of great food. Come out for a great time with the whole family. This is a great opportunity to meet other parents and students at Bailly. Volunteers are needed to help with set up, food service, supervision and clean up.
    Holiday ornaments

    Parent volunteers creatively paint ornaments for all of the students and staff. Each grade level receives a different ornament with the year on the back. When your child has “graduated” from Bailly, you will have a complete set. Students receive their ornaments at the classroom Christmas parties.

    Spring Family Dance

    Held in February, this dance’s theme is designed to chase away the cabin fever of winter. A DJ is provided and there are plenty of munchies and desserts. Volunteers assist with set up supervision and clean up.
    Book Fairs

    Our school media specialist hosts a Scholastic Book Fair once in the fall and once in the spring. Great books, posters, games and other small items are available for purchase. The proceeds go towards helping our library. Volunteer duties include set up, running a register and packing up at the end.

    Kids Carnival

    A big carnival is held at the end of the year during the school day in the gym, for all Bailly students. There are lots of games, prizes and fun. Many volunteers are needed to help with set up, running games, keeping students organized and clean up.
    Talent Show

    Held during last few days of school, the talent show is open to all types of talents: singing, dancing, acting, magic, comedy, etc. Performances may be done individually or in groups. There will be practices and a dress rehearsal. Volunteers assist in set up, keeping the children in line and clean up.

    Conference Meals

    During parent teacher conferences, parents provide meals for the teachers. The chair and co-chair organize and plan the meals/dishes that are prepared by the parents.

    Landscape Maintenance

    Do you have a green thumb? Parent volunteers/students work to help keep Bailly grounds beautiful. Duties include pulling weeds, laying mulch, planting flowers, clearing leaves/debris. Work time is scheduled at the committee’s convenience throughout the year.