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Bailly Elementary

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Description of Work

Renovations at Bailly Elementary will make visitors feel as if they are walking into a new school. Renovations in classrooms from head-to-toe, as well as providing areas for extended learning and special education, while keeping the Media Center the hub of the school are a few of the areas of work. 


  • Individualized Instructional Spaces
  • Student Cubbies
  • Extended Learning
    • Small Group Instruction
    • FLEX Classrooms
  • Media Center as "Hub of Learning"
    • Large Group Instruction
  • Maker Space / Robotics
  • Student Support
    • Counselor's Office
    • Calming Spaces
    • Special Education and Related Services
  • Restroom Wash Stations in Corridors

Interior Concept Drawings

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Proposed Renovation Plan

First page of the PDF file: DSC_Bailly_flrpln_23-04-21opt-compressed

Projected Timeline


Start of Construction

Construction Complete

Bailly Elementary

Summer 2023

Summer 2024