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2018 Winners & Finalists

2018 Teacher & Employee of the Year Winners

2018 Winners

The Duneland School Corporation announced its first Teacher and Employee of the year awards at their annual Retirement Reception hosted at the Duneland Administration Center on Wednesday. Honored at the reception and pictured, left to right with Superintendent Dr. Ginger Bolinger were Jackson Kindergarten Teacher Amanda Fronczak, elementary teacher of year; Chesterton Middle School teacher Christine Bullock, secondary teacher of the year and Transportation Dispatcher Linda Esserman, employee of the year. Both teachers, Fronczak and Bullock, are the Duneland School nominees for the State Teacher of the Year program.  

2018 Teacher & Employee of the Year Finalists

Elementary Finalists 2018

Elementary Teacher of the Year Finalists

pictured left to right

Michelle Ward of Bailly

Angela Karagiannakis of Liberty Elementary

Bobbi Hall of Westchester Intermediate

Amanda Fronczak of Jackson Elementary (not pictured)

Secondary Finalists 2018

Secondary Teacher of the Year Finalists

pictured left to right

Christine Bullock of Chesterton Middle School

Cary Knauff of Chesterton Middle & High School

Employee Finalists 2018

Employee of the Year Finalists

pictured left to right

Linda Esserman, dispatcher at Transportation

Nicole Moloney, secretary at Bailly Elementary

Tina Sosby, nurse at Westchester Intermediate

Elaine Leckenby, treasurer at Chesterton Middle School

Ardie McKernin, nurse at Liberty Elementary