• Chesterton High School (9th-12th Grade) Program Description

    AP:  Advanced Placement (AP) Courses: These classes are college level courses offered at the high school building. Most four year colleges give students credit, advanced placement or both if the end of year AP test score is acceptable. CHS offers five AP classes: English L/C AP, Calculus AB and Calculus BC, Biology 2 AP, and US History AP. Students are enrolled by teacher recommendation. More information on AP can be found at collegeboard.com.

    High Ability Program (formerly known as Gifted and Talented):  These classes are for students with divergent thinking skills, those students who "think outside the box."  High Ability students question why the information they are learning is important. The level of difficulty and pace of this program is more advanced than the honors program.


    Honors Program:  These classes are for students who are schedule-driven and task-oriented.  Honors students do what is asked of them just as they are asked to do it. The level of difficulty and pace of the program is less advanced than the gifted and talented program.

    International Baccalaureate (IB) courses: The IB program is an internationally recognized program that provides students the opportunity to earn up to thirty college credits while in high school. Credits are dependent upon the results of the student’s end of course exams and the judgment of the receiving college. All IB courses receive weighted grades. More information on IB can be found at ibo.org and hoosieribschools.org

    Chesterton High School (9th – 12th Grade) Identification and Placement

    Social Studies:

    CHS offers an Advanced Placement course in U.S. History, and Honors courses in U.S. Government, U.S. History, World Geography, and World History.  Recommendations for World Geography and World History are made at the 8th grade level.  All other recommendations are based upon a combination of past successes in Social Studies classes and teacher recommendations.  Due to the amount of writing, students are generally not placed in the AP class unless they have done well in GT or Honors English during their freshman or sophomore year.  The department chair personally checks the credentials of each student that has been referred for the higher level classes after the freshman year.


    Teacher recommendations and standardized test scores are used to place students in High Ability classes.  Only honors placement is offered during the freshman year. GT classes are offered along with honors after the freshman year.  CHS guidance counselors oversee the placement process using middle school teacher recommendations, and will consult with the English department if necessary.  Placement in GT versus Honors is determined by teacher recommendation. After the freshman year, placement is by teacher recommendation.



    CHS initial placement for freshman students is based upon the following:

    1. Current class placement:  GT, Honors, Average
    2. Grades in that class
    3. Middle school teacher recommendation
    4. Scores from the Algebra 1 End of Course Assessment
    5. If students transfer into CHS, they will be given a placement test to determine eligibility

    Once the students are initially placed, another Algebra placement test is given on the first day of school to the GT and Honors groups to verify that their placement is accurate. After the freshman year, placement is by teacher recommendation.


    All eighth grade students take a Science Processes Test in the spring. The eighth grade science teachers give their class rosters with each student’s test score, grade and teacher recommendation to the high school science department chairperson. The chairperson places students into GT/Honors Biology based upon the test scores. The placements are compared to each student's science grade and teacher recommendation. One class roster for GT Biology and two class rosters for Honors Biology are created. After the freshman year, placement is by teacher recommendation.

    Chesterton High School (9th -12th grade) Placement of Transfer Students

    Math and Science placement is determined by placement test scores, past grades and previous courses taken. English and Social Studies placement is determined by past grades and previous courses taken.

    Chesterton High School (9th – 12th grade) Parent Notification

    Parents of incoming freshmen are notified of their English and social studies placement when they receive their schedules in the spring. Eighth-grade students are required to have their parents sign their ninth-grade schedules. Parents may nominate their child for the High Ability Program again in the spring for the next school year.

    Notification of freshman math and science placement occurs in late April or early May after data has been collected. Letters are sent home to the parents notifying only the parents of students placed in advanced science and/or math classes. Placement may change if grades or the algebra end-of-course assessment scores are lower than anticipated.

    After the ninth grade year, students work with their parents, teachers and guidance counselors to create their schedules. Parents sign their registration forms which list their courses. Parents are notified of their student's final placement when they receive their class schedules in August.

    Chesterton High School (9th -12th grade) Exit Procedure

    Exiting any High Ability (formerly known as Gifted and Talented), Honors, AP or IB class happens on an individual basis. Conferences are coordinated with the parent/guardian to determine the appropriate placement of the student.

    Chesterton High School  (9th-12th grade) Appeals

    Parents/Guardians of a child who requests reevaluation of their child’s eligibility must submit in writing an appeal form stating the reasons they believe their child should receive high ability services. At the high school level all appeals go through the guidance department. CHS will accept appeals by the Friday before the first day of school. The High Ability Committee typically meets on the Monday or Tuesday prior to school starting. After review by the High Ability Committee, the guidance department will inform the parent/guardian of its decision. Appeal forms are available on the Duneland School Corporation Website.