• For the IB diploma, students must choose one course from each of the first five groups.  Three must be HL (higher level -- two-year courses) and the other three will be SL (standard level).  One SL course may be taken in Grade 11.

     IB students speaking:  Isabelle Goodman, Quinlan Doolin, Hayden Hodge, James Van Drie, and Alaina Patterson
    Group 1 -- Language A
    IB English HL
    Group 2 -- Language B
    IB French SL 
    IB German SL
    IB Japanese SL
    IB Spanish SL
    Group 3 -- Individuals and Societies
    IB History HL
    IB Psychology SL (may be taken in Grade 11)
    IB Economics SL (may be taken in Grade 11--satisfies state Econ requirement to graduate)
    IB Business & Management Theory SL (prerequisite:  accounting 1) 
    IB Philosophy
    IB World Religions
    Group 4 -- Science
    IB Biology HL
    IB Biology SL
    IB Environmental systems and societies
    IB Physics SL (take Physics 1 or AP Physics in Grade 11)--IB Physics in Grade 12
    IB Chemistry SL (may be taken in Grade 11)
    Group 5 -- Mathematics
    IB Math Studies SL (taken in Grade 12)
    IB Math SL (taken in Grade 12)
    IB Math HL (both years -- must be recommended by math faculty) 
    Group 6 -- Fine Arts
    B Visual Art HL
    IB Visual Art SL (or any other course not already taken in Groups 1-5)
    IB Film HL 
    Other components (TOK, CAS, and EE):  Two semesters of time during SRT (student resource time) for Theory of Knowledge.  This is a " discovery-course  exploring "why and how we have come to know the things we do."  It is a time for students to contemplate the nature of learning.  This course encourages an understanding of part of the IB mission statement that "all people with their differences may also be right."
    Accumulation of creativity, action, and service points.  This feature is also discussed and guidance is given during SRT.  This is a student-led feature of the program.  The CAS supervisor offers guidance regarding what is acceptable but the supervisor does not determine what students choose to do to earn these points.
    Extended Essay.  This part is begun in Grade 11 with guidance from the EE Supervisor.  Over the program duration, students choose a topic to investigate in depth with guidance from a subject mentor teacher.  Through carefully monitored activities and over many months, each IB student will produce a 4000-word essay which will be sent to an IB examiner for review and grading.

    Sample Schedules (these are real IB students schedules)
    Student A
    Junior Year                                                  Senior Year
    Block 1 - IB History HL                                 Block 1 - IB History HL
    Block 2 - IB Spanish 4                                  Block 2 - IB Bio HL
    Block 3 - IB Economics SL                            Block 3 - Honors Government and Student Aide (each a semester long elective)
    Block 4 - Algebra 2/Trig                                Block 4 - IB Spanish SL
    Block 5 - IB English HL                                 Block 5 - IB English HL
    Block 6 - IB Biology HL                                 Block 6 - Pre-Calc/Math IB
    Block 7 - CAS/TOK                                        Block 7 - CAS/TOK
    Block 8 - Digital Design 1 and 2                   Block 8 - Student Aide/Intro to business 
                  (each a semester long Elective)                  (each a semester long elective)
    Student B
    Junior Year                                                      Senior Year
    Block 1 - IB History HL                                       Block 1 - IB History HL
    Block 2 - Pre-Calc Honors                                  Block 2 - IB Bio HL
    Block 3 - IB Economics SL                                  Block 3 - Principles of Biomed (project lead the way) 
    Block 4 - Intro to Transp 2 (Semester Elective)  Block 4 - IB Japanese 5 SL
    Block 5 - IB English HL                                      Block 5 - IB English HL
    Block 6 - IB Biology HL                                      Block 6 - PE/Honors Government (semester electives)
    Block 7 - CAS/TOK                                             Block 7 - CAS/TOK
    Block 8 - Japanese 4                                          Block 8 - Calc AB AP/IB