• Bailly Elementary School was named after the legendary fur trapper Joseph Bailly, who was one of the first pioneer settlers in the area. Bailly is one of the five elementary schools in the Duneland School Corporation. The school is located in the heart of Chesterton. It serves a population of 450 students in grades kindergarten through grade 4, including a hearing impaired class.

    Bailly's staff of 20 classroom teachers strive to create a child centered learning environment while providing a rich and challenging academic program. In addition, the school has a specials team of professionals that provide instruction in music, art, and physical education. Bailly's teaching staff also includes a media specialist, speech therapist, a teacher of the learning disabled and a teacher of the hearing impaired, as well as a full-time counselor. During the school year there are many activities interwoven around a theme of character education.