• Philosophy
    It is the belief of those concerned with the development of youth that membership and participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities have a positive effect in the development of constructive attitudes for citizenship and life skills.
    The co-curricular and extracurricular phase of the educational program is an area in which leaders of youth have a unique opportunity to instill desirable qualities, among which may be principles of justice, fair play, good sportsmanship, respect for rules and authority, respect for others, respect for one's own health and physical well-being, development of leadership, group pride, team work, self-discipline, and self-sacrifice.
    It is the position of Duneland that participation in co- and extracurricular activities is a privilege extended to individuals who have the ability to perform and the character to conduct themselves in the proper manner. When students choose to participate in co- and extracurricular activities, they place themselves in the public eye. Participants are expected to behave at all times in a manner which portrays a positive image of themselves, the team, the school, and the community.
    Therefore, it is important that participants and their parents or legal guardian be aware of the philosophy and rules and regulations under which they will be given the opportunity to participate. As a prerequisite to participate, all students involved in co-curricular and extracurricular activities will be required to file a form signed by parent or legal guardian and participant indicating that they have read and agreed to the rules and regulations governing their participation. The rules and regulations shall be enforced throughout the calendar year.