“Getting Ready for the First Days”

    When will I be notified of the name of my child’s kindergarten teacher? 

    For students attending Bailly, Brummitt, Jackson and Liberty Elementary School:

    Teacher names will be available through Skyward, our online student information system, by August 9.  Parents can access Skyward from the Duneland School Corporation website (Skyward Parent Access)


    For students attending Yost Elementary: 

    Students will be participating in a pilot program for the 2024-2025 school year. Specific details regarding teacher assignment will be provided at Kindergarten Round-Up, through the school website or by contacting the school directly. 


    What supplies do I need to send with my child?

    Items for Student Success will be shared with families as part of the registration process.  Look for updated lists to be released with the start of online registration later this spring.


    How does my child pay for lunch? 

    Look for communication from the Duneland Child Nutrition Department in July.  This will include methods to apply for free/reduced lunch as well as how to set up accounts for your child.  Each school has its own method to assist students in processing for cash payments as well 


    What do I do if they’re not feeling well and won’t be at school?

    Please contact the school office prior to 8:30 a.m. of the day they will miss school.  Families can call the school office before the office opens and leave a message if more convenient.  Families who do not call the school office to report an absence will receive an automated call reminding them to contact the office.


    How can I let you know if they are picked up by several different people? You are able to add people to your child's skyward accounts under Emergency Contacts. If there is a day when you have an emergency and need to send someone that is not on the emergency list, please call the office and inform us of who will be picking up your child. When they come, they will need their ID as well, so that we are able to verify their identity. We will NOT release your child to anyone who you have not approved. It is for the safety of your child and the school as a whole.


    How will you be sure that my child is only getting picked up by people I’ve authorized?

    Each school maintains a process whereby they are aware of the individuals that are authorized to pick up a student.  Those working in the office and the dismissal line are aware of these individuals and will question those not on approved lists.


    How much communication should I expect from the school?

    All Duneland Schools send home a weekly communication from the principal. Please look for a phone call and email message weekly.  Additional communications may take place on an as needed basis.  

    How will I know about events that are happening?

    Please check school and teacher newsletters for events.  Also check the school website.


    If my child goes to the nurse will the school call me?

    Our Health Care Staff can see upwards of 100 students a day in our K-4 buildings.  Contact is made home based on the severity of the case.  Bumps, scrapes, and minor injuries are natural parts of active play in the school setting.  If a parent wants to be notified for any trip to the nurses office they should indicate such at the beginning of the year through direct communication with the nurse.


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