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    Dear Kindergarten Families:

    Welcome to Duneland Schools!  We know Kindergarten is an exciting time in your lives as your child begins their school career.  It may be a day long awaited, but it may also be a day full of apprehension.  Our goal always is to make it a positive experience for both you and your child.  In the coming months, as we prepare for these first days, we encourage you to continue to build up excitement for school and talk favorably about this big transition. For now, focus on learning, making new friends, and being ready for school.  Then, in August you can build up the anticipation for the first day, meeting teachers and getting to know classmates.  All of this can build up to a positive first experience at our Open Houses before school and then the first day of class.    

    Prior to that, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the school.    We thank you for choosing Duneland Schools and look forward to partnering with you on this educational journey.


    Duneland Elementary Principals


    Duneland School Corporation

    601 W. Morgan Avenue, Chesterton, IN 46304
    Phone: 219-983-3600

    Bailly Elementary School

    800 S. 5th Street, Chesterton, IN 46304
    Phone: 219-983-3670

    Brummitt Elementary School

    2500 Indian Boundary Road, Chesterton, IN 46304
    Phone: 219-983-3660

    Jackson Elementary School

    811 N. 400 East, Valparaiso, IN 46383
    Phone: 219-983-3680

    Liberty Elementary School

    50-1 W. 900 North, Chesterton, IN 46304
    Phone: 219-983-3650

    Yost Elementary School

    100 W. Beam Street, Porter, IN 46304
    Phone: 219-983-3640




    • To get along with others - to be cheerful, polite, fair, and well-mannered.

    • To share with others - things like toys, games, and experiences.

    • To explore - new things and new ideas.

    • To express themselves - with words, paint, crayons, clay, music, etc.

    • To problem solve - to ask questions and anticipate what they will do next.

    • To listen - to stories and directions.

    • To look at books - and learn how to use them.

    • To use new vocabulary - through a variety of technological resources and school, classroom, social experiences.

    • To think of others - as they are and accept differences.

    • To care for themselves and their belongings - tending to bathroom needs, washing and drying hands, picking up toys.

    • To write - by dictating words, using inventive spelling, and sight word vocabulary.

    • To count - by relating numbers of specific groups to objects.

    • To play outdoors - developing muscles, learning to take turns and to follow rules.

    • To eat with others - using good manners and learning to relax.

    • To become responsible - through classroom jobs.

    • To be safe - by taking part in safety lessons, fire drills, supervised playground activities, etc.

    • To protect themselves - know where to go and who will protect them.



    • Your child brings home a crayon picture that looks like scribbling and  wants to hang it in their room.  Your child’s pictures are important and add to their feeling of personal worth.  Encourage your child to tell a story about the picture.

    • Your child says, “Tommy hit me”, or “Sally pinched me.”  Pinching, hitting and name calling are types of behavior that are apt to go along with group living among five year olds.  The teacher prevents this as much as possible and tries to make a profitable lesson to social living out of incidents that occur.

    • Your child comes home with paint, glue or dirt on their clothes.  We try to prevent as much of this as possible, but accidents still happen.

    • In the beginning your child seems to choose the same activities for work or play in kindergarten several days in a row. Your child feels more secure in the kind of work or play they are familiar with. 


    • Be enthusiastic about what your child brings home or tells you about!

    • Encourage your child to bring creations home for you to see.

    • Praise your child generously for tasks well done.

    • Allow your child to initiate activities and play independently.

    • Encourage your child to do their best and to be cooperative. 

    • Make sure they know you love them even when they make mistakes.

    • Talk with the kindergarten teacher throughout the year to check on your child’s progress and successes.

    • Volunteer in your child’s classroom or school.  

    • Join your school's Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) --It’s FREE!

    • One of the most important things you can do to aid in your child’s academic achievement is to READ TO YOUR CHILD. You are encouraged to do so on a daily basis!


    When you enroll your child it is important to give the school an accurate phone number and email where you can be reached.  When there are weather delays, school closing or important school information, we use Skylert as our automated system to contact all parents in the corporation.  No more getting up early and listening to the radio. It is the parent’s responsibility to make changes or update a phone number or email as needed through Skyward Parent Access.

    Progress will be issued in the form of report cards four times during the school year.  Your child will also be given a math and reading assessment periodically during the school year. The testing will occur in the beginning of the year, middle of the year, and end of the year.  These results will be shared with you.

    Click on Parent Access Skyward on the Find it Fast Menu

    Families are encouraged to participate in the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).  It is free, and it’s a great way to be involved in your child’s education.  Participating in PTO meetings and activities will allow you to meet other families and become involved in your child’s school.


    An Elementary Handbook with more detailed information is available online and is updated every year. The handbook goes into further detail about the elementary school day, procedures, policy references, attendance, homework, etc.


    To stay up to date with FAQ visit Duneland School Corporation: Kindergarten (www.duneland.k12.in.us/kindergarten)