• Chesterton Middle School

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    Arrival and Dismissal

    Where do I get dropped off if I am a car rider?

    • Students can be dropped off on the north side of the building on Morgan Avenue.  Follow the signage and directions from school personnel.  Students should exit the vehicle on the curbside and enter through Door #22.

    Where do I get dropped off if I am a bus rider?

    • Students will enter through Door #20 after exiting the bus.

    Where do I go when I get to school?

    • Students who arrive early may go to Goldsborough Gym to sit in the bleachers or go to the cafeteria for breakfast until 7:40 am.

    Where do I get picked up after school if I am a car rider?

    • Students are to be picked up on the north side of the building on Morgan Avenue from Door #22 (North side Goldsborough), Door #23, Door #2 (Auditorium), or Door #4 (Band/Music).

    Where are the buses located at the end of the day?

    • Buses are located on the south side of the building between the football field and the school.  The buses extend along the building from 8th Street to the pool entrance (Door #11).

    What bus do I ride to and from school?

    • Bus number(s) are available on Skyward.  Pay attention to your “home” bus number and your transfer bus number.  CMS students board their transfer bus at the end of the day at CMS.

    Behavioral Consequences

    What happens if I get in trouble?

    • Students may receive formal warnings, class “time-outs”, parent contact, lunch detentions, Tuesday detentions, suspensions, or expulsions based on the frequency or severity of their behavior.  

    • Students should follow the Student Code of Conduct and Specific Rules of Behavior on pages 2-8 and refer to the Behavioral Consequences policy on page 9 of the CMS handbook for more information.


    Where can I find my schedule?

    • Students can access their schedules on Skyward with their active directory username and password.

    Can I carry a backpack to my classes?

    • Backpacks are NOT allowed in classrooms or common areas.  They need to be secured in your locker and may not be carried to classes.

    Do we have assigned seats in each class?

    • Seating charts will be determined by each classroom teacher.

    How many classes are there in one day?

    • Students have 8 class periods each day that includes a daily advisory period.

    How much homework will I have?

    • Homework will be determined and communicated by the classroom teacher.

    How long are passing periods?

    • Passing periods are 4 minutes long.

    What happens if I get lost?

    • Teachers will be outside their classrooms. Administrators and staff will be walking the halls to assist students too.  Ask the nearest adult for help to get you to the right place. 

    What are the consequences of being late for class?

    • There will not be consequences for students being late to class during the first 5 to 7 days of school.  

    • Refer to the Tardy Policy on pages 11-12 of the Chesterton Middle School Student Handbook on the CMS website. 

    Where do I find my assignments and grades?

    • Students will use Canvas for class assignments and Skyward for grades. 

    •  Parents can obtain a Canvas observer account and can link the account to their student’s account.  Use the Canvas Parent Observer link for more information.

    • Parents can view grades using the Skyward Parent Access portal on the Duneland website.

    Cell Phones

    Can I bring a cellphone to school?

    • Yes, please refer to the Personal Communication Devices (PCD) and Other Electronic Equipment policy on pages 6-8 in the CMS handbook for further information.

    Dress Code

    Is there a dress code?

    • CMS does have a dress code.  Please refer to the Dress Code Policy on pages 9-10 of the CMS handbook which can be found on the CMS website.

    Extra Curricular Activities

    How do I become a member of a club, group, or sport?

    • Students will have the opportunity to join various after-school activities.  Information will be provided throughout the year in the CMS Friday Focus newsletter and announcements.

    Leaving School Early

    What do I do if I have to leave school early?

    • Students will be called out of class when a parent or guardian comes into the main office with an ID to sign you out.  


    Can I share a locker with another student?

    • No. Lockers are assigned to individual students and may not be shared with another student.

    What if I can’t open my locker? 

    • Ask the nearest teacher or adult to help you.


    How do I pay for lunch?

    • Breakfast and lunch is served at all schools on all days when school is in session.  The menu is posted in the cafeteria, in the DuneNews, and on the Duneland website.  Students will purchase lunch and ala carte items using their Student ID number.

    • Duneland School Corporation Child Nutrition Services is on a debit system for payment of breakfast and lunch.  Families may make a payment or deposit into their student’s lunch account using the MyPaymentsPlus account, check, credit card, or debit card.  Please refer to pages 14-15 of the CMS handbook for further information on lunch payment and creating a meal account.

    • More information about the Free and Reduced lunch program can be found on the Child Nutrition website.

    Where do I sit in the cafeteria?

    • Students can sit anywhere in the cafeteria, but must remain in the same seat during the lunch period.

    Do we have recess?

    • Students may go outside (weather permitting) after eating lunch or may remain in the cafeteria.  The Media Center may also be available during lunch. 

    Lost and Found

    Where should I look if I lose something?

    • Students can look in the media center in the lost and found area for any lost items.


    What do I do if I feel sick?

    • When students are feeling ill, they will be sent to the school nurse by a teacher or CMS staff member.  Students wishing to leave school due to illness must first be seen by the CMS Nurse.  Students should not contact parents or guardians using their personal device.  Students will be able to contact parents from the clinic.  


    What should I do if I am going on vacation and will miss school?

    • If a student is leaving for a prearranged absence, it is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with his/her teachers for makeup work prior to leaving. All assignments must be made up as directed by the teacher.  Please refer to page 11 of the CMS Student Handbook which can be found on the CMS website.

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