• Liberty Elementary PTO


    2022-2023 PTO Board Members
    President: Amanda Pollock
    VP: Nicole Forsythe & Michael Myers
    Secretary: Amber Andrews
    Treasurer: Jessica Decker


    The Liberty Elementary PTO provides our school with funds, programs, resources, and services that will enrich and maximize the education of every child and benefit the school.  The PTO is working to plan new and familiar events throughout the coming school year.  In order for these events and programs to be successful, we need your help as volunteers.  The PTO is FREE to all members and it is a team effort that cannot succeed solely on its own.

    The following are some programs we sponsor and/or support throughout the year:

    Family Movie Night
    Fall Catalog Sales
    Water Drive
    Spirit Wear Sales
    Family Fun Nights
    Liberty Pride and Spirit Days
    Restaurant Give Back Nights
    Variety Show
    Giving Grams
    Box Tops for Education


    The following are some examples of what the PTO provides through our fundraising:

    Staff Development Seminars
    Scholastic Weekly Readers
    Children's Author Presentations
    Speakers for Assemblies
    Classroom Teacher Allowances Teacher Appreciation Events
    Volunteers for School Activities
    Red Ribbon Week
    Field Day Supplies

    Just 2 Hours! 

    If we can get every LES family to commit JUST 2 HOURS to helping out, we can do amazing things for our kids and our school.
    We've started using a program called 2 Hour Power that emphasizes that all help, any help makes a huge difference for schools.  The research is so clear- kids at schools with a broad base of involved parents perform markedly better on all kinds of key school measures.
    If you would like to donate JUST 2 HOURS of your time, please contact us at pto4les@gmail.com.