Description of Work

  • Following renovations at each elementary school, visitors entering the those school buildings will feel as if they are walking into a new school. Brummitt, Jackson, and Liberty Elementary School renovations will include reorganization of the current pods to accommodate safety concerns and provide extended learning opportunities at each grade level. The Media Center will remain the hub of each of the schools. 


    • Safety and Security
    • Individualized Instructional Spaces
    • Student Cubbies
    • Extended Learning Areas
      • Small Group Instruction
      • FLEX Classrooms
    • Media Center as "Hub of Learning"
      • Large Group Instruction
    • Maker Space / Robotics
    • Student Support Areas
      • Counselor's Office
      • Calming Spaces
      • Special Education and Related Services
    • Restroom wash stations in corridors
    • Appropriate Interior Renovations

Current Concept Drawings - August 2022

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Preliminary Timeline

Preliminary Schedule