• Interested in Enrolling in TVA?

    We recognize that most students find academic and social success best through in-person learning.  We have become increasingly aware, however, of a growing number of students that thrive through alternative learning environments and specifically through online learning.  The Trojan Virtual Academy serves as a school choice option for families to maintain a connection with the Duneland Schools while selecting a learning option that they feel works best for their student(s).

    Families interested in enrolling in Trojan Virtual Academy should be aware of the following prior to enrollment:

    • K-11 Participants commit to one semester of enrollment. Seniors (12th Grade) are asked to make a year-long commitment.
    • TVA students will be required to complete in-person testing at various times throughout the school year for local and state-mandated testing. (NWEA, mClass, ILEARN, PSAT, etc.) 
    • Strict adherence to a virtual school handbook will be required. Failure to follow attendance guidelines and remain current in coursework will result in removal from the virtual program.
    • TVA Seniors will graduate from TVA and not CHS and will have a separate graduation ceremony at the end of the year.


    Additionally, following the start of any semester, families should be aware of the following:

    • Any grades earned in the current semester at the home school will not transfer. 
    • Students will start their semester over in the online environment and will still be required to complete the entire 18 weeks of assignments by the end of Duneland’s semester.
    • TVA offers a variety of courses, but not all courses offered at CMS or CHS transfer to scheduling options at TVA, so adjustments will be made.
    • Students with special education needs need to schedule a case conference to review accommodations and options within the TVA prior to transferring to TVA.
    • The enrollment and transfer process is not immediate and several days may transpire before a student is able to start their online courses.


    To learn more about the TVA process families are encouraged to watch the orientation videos provided by Edmentum prior to making a final decision: