• Payments may be made by check or cash. Students may pay the cashier in their cafeteria and she will credit the account with the amount given. The cashiers will inform students when their accounts are getting low and send home a note in their book bag.

    Cafeteria Charging Policy
    Elementary and Intermediate School students will be allowed to charge three (3) breakfast and three (3) lunch to his or her student ID account showing a negative balance. The cashier will inform the student that he/she has a low or negative balance. Breakfast will be cold cereal, 8 oz. milk or a 4 oz.-100% juice. Lunch will be an American cheese sandwich on whole grain bread and an 8oz. milk or 4oz.-100% juice.

    High school and middle school students are not allowed to charge to his or her student ID account showing a negative balance. The student will be offered a cheese sandwich and juice or milk at no charge. It will be documented and after the third time a student receives a cheese sandwich and juice or milk, the parent will be called and made aware of the students lunch account status. If this should occur at breakfast the student will be offered two slices of toast and a milk or juice at no charge. The documentation and notification procedures will remain the same. If you have any questions about your child’s account please call that school’s cafeteria Head Cashier to help you.
    Payments to your child's MyPaymentsPlus account can be made at http://www.mypaymentsplus.com.  

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