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    Each facility offers something special for Duneland School Corporation employees.  Whether it is a discounted membership, lower rates or just a free pass, take time to visit a facility soon!






    Duneland Health and Wellness Center (Wellness for Life)

    All employees covered by health insurance through the Duneland School Corporation are eligible to use the Duneland Health and Wellness Center located at 411 S. 5th Street in Chesterton. In addition, these employees are also eligible to visit the Wellness for Life centers in Knox, Merrillville and Valparaiso.

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    See What's New at the Duneland Health and Wellness Center!

    To contact the Chesterton office for Appointments or Information: 219-728-4383

    OR call 844-458-2800 to schedule an appointment at the Knox, Merrillville or Valparaiso locations.
    P A P E R  W O R K ! ! ! ugh...  We multi-taskers do NOT like to stop to complete 'PAPERWORK'!!  Providers normally request updated information at least once a year.  This is often times necessary for your protection, and it may also assist the healthcare provider in determining the best treatment(s) options available for you or your family members.
    If you are scheduling an appointment at the Duneland Health & Wellness Center in Chesterton or at any Wellness For Life Clinic and they require new paperwork, the forms can now be downloaded (see below).  Just print, complete, sign and bring them to your appointment. 
    INSURANCE ID CARD - You will also need to provide a copy of your Duneland School Corporation Health id card at the time of your appointment.
    Can't find your card?  Please go to www.anthem.com.  From the Anthem website you can log on to your account to obtain a new health id card (or order additional cards).  You can also contact the Duneland School Corporation Benefits Coordinator at bhoward@duneland.k12.in.us (or call 219-983-3606 x1009.)
    Patient Information Sheet is for you to complete and sign. Bring the completed Patient Information form with you to your first appointment. 
    Notice of Privacy Practices  explains privacy practices for your protected health information (PHI). It also reviews when and why your PHI may be disclosed in special cirumstances. It is for your information and does not require a signature.
    Patient HIPAA Acknowledgement and Consent form is confirmation that you received the Notice of Privacy.  It also includes your consent for treatment and PHI disclosure pertaining to your treatment or to allow specific people to have access to your PHI (this may include family or friends who assist you wih your health care.) Please complete, sign and bring this form to your next appointment.