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 2016 Student Conference --October 21, 2016
"We are to think beyond ourselves . . ." said Evan Little. This is an intentional key component of the IB diploma program.  Since IB requires students to participate in their community beyond school, Evan participates in the charitable organization called Jacob's Ladder and also in Rotary's student organization, Interact Club.  "Not only do these organizations have a positive impact on how I approach learning, but I am also making valuable connections with people in my community."
Holy  Cross College, South Bend, Indiana 
 2016 Juniors
Pictured:  (L to R) Camma Duhamell, Gavin Scott, Katelyn Balakir, Kaylinn Woolever, Alexis Hoover, Evan Little, Sonia Holsen and Paige Donovan
Pictured:  Anastasia Miller and Quinlan Doolin
Other senior presenters:  Natalie Beglin, Hayden Hodge, Sydney Ghoreishi and Keagan Wong.  
"Don't panic!" says Sydney Ghoreishi.  One thing that everyone learns in the IB program is time management. "You don't have to go out of your way to find opportunities to stretch yourself while doing something you love."
"The hardest part of writing the extended essay is just starting," says Hayden Hodge.  Each student is assigned an EE mentor, and the important thing is to ask, ask, and ask! All agreed that writing the extended essay between the junior and senior year has lightened their load so they have time for those college applications.   
 Anastasia and Quinlan
Briana Smrke, the keynote speaker, is an IB graduate from Toronto, Ontario, who finished the diploma program with a perfect score of 45, something only 0.5% of IB students worldwide usually accomplish.  She spoke about how the brain functions and how students can use that knowledge to learn in a more efficient way.  Many of her points are also in her book, High School Hacks, which has been added to our high school library.  Students appreciated her humor as well as her answers to their many questions.
Later in the day, 8 college admissions officers presented their information on how IB graduate applications are handled and what each particular college has to offer to an IB diploma graduate.   Ball State, Purdue University, and Notre Dame encourage graduates to look at their website for how IB scores are received. All colleges (others included Bethel, Indiana University--South Bend, Holy  Cross, DePauw, and St. Mary's) offer either advanced credits or available scholarships and welcome IB graduates.  Students were directed to search Big Future and College Board to find ALL available scholarships.